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Hi, I am Atanas Matov, The Amazon's Best Selling Author Of The Ultimate Price Action Guide and Founder of
So Why Are Some Traders
10x, 20x or even 100x more successful than others?
Let's be honest with ourselves

It's not just the starting capital or the strategy. (I started trading with a 500USD trading account from my dorm.)

It's not time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

It's not just intelligence. There are tons of smart traders who aren't profitable…and tons of traders with ordinary intelligence, who become ultra-profitable!

And it's not just resources. We like to think, "Oh, HE went to Cambridge or Oxford" but deep down, we know that while resources matter, there are plenty of self-made traders.

What makes a trader 10x more successful than an ordinary person? More productive without overtrading? And most importantly — CONSISTENT?
I knew I couldn't "will" myself to be more profitable. I tried random strategies, but they didn't work — like going to the gym for 6 months and not seeing any results. I started second-guessing myself ("maybe I'm just not mentally prepared and I'll never get better at trading").

The more I shuffled between different trading methods, the more frustrated I got.

It wasn't just about the strategy. I'd wake up with a full calendar of "to-dos"…and then, I'd get distracted by 50 random forum posts! I'd say things like, "I should really not jump from one strategy to another…" but in the back of my head, I knew I wouldn't.

As I said it, I KNEW I wouldn't do it. Think about what that feels like — when you say something out loud, and you know you're lying to yourself.

I'd have hyper-spurts of productivity, but it happened sporadically. I couldn't control my own temper.

And worst of all, I'd let critics get to me. When I decided to take an unconventional major in college, people said, "Ha, I guess that's one way to avoid a real major." When I took a communication class, people said, "Isn't that class for athletes?" After hearing that a few times, I started doubting myself. And when your friends doubt you, and you start doubting yourself, where else are you supposed to go for support?

Yet when I looked at top performers, they seemed supremely unaffected by these things. They'd wake up, kick off their morning ritual, start working, get twice as much done as most people, and finish on time — and just in time to hang out with friends and be totally relaxed. And they LOVED what they were doing…no matter what anyone else said!

How did they do it? 

I wanted to know. Actually, I got OBSESSED, since I knew that cracking the code would be worth more than any trading system…any book on trading….any "tool" or "tip" I could ever get.

Mastering my inner psychology or the way to see the market the same way as the real PROs out there would mean knowing the road map to being successful in trading. It would stick with me forever and I could use it in virtually every market — Forex, Stocks, Indices or Crypto. Not just on a Daily chart, but on the lower timeframes, too...

So I began studying them from this perspective: best-selling trading coaches, Prop traders, traders at large banks, famous traders on Twitter, successful FTMO traders, successful hedge fund traders.

You ever meet one of these people? They have TONS of responsibilities, but when you ask them, "How do you manage it all?" they just shrug. "Ah, you just take it day by day, I guess."

What the hell does that mean? When I was starting in trading, I wanted to go deeper. If I could drink what they were drinking, feel how they felt, maybe I could understand some of the magic of top traders out there.

And what I discovered surprised me.
I had a lot of assumptions about being "profitable"…and at least half of them were TOTALLY WRONG.

But I also realised that top traders are looking at certain levels. Sometimes, they're not even aware of that themselves. But they follow them nonetheless. And from talking to top performer after top performer, I started to see a repetitive pattern.

I want to share what I learned along the way, because I know if it surprised me, it will surprise you, too.

I'll start with TWO BIG MYTHS that bowled me over.
When was the last time you knew you wanted something, and you even started doing it…but then you never followed through?

        1) I wanted to read 10 new trading books a year…but I never got around to make reading part of my daily routine.
        2) I wanted to spend more screen time…but I never got around to finding the time
        3) I even wanted to reach out to other profitable traders…but after a couple of failed attempts, I dropped it.

"I guess I don't have what it takes," we tell ourselves.

It's one of the most destructive 9-word sentences you could possibly say. By saying it, you're giving yourself permission to fail for the rest of your life.

You're basically saying, "I'm the kind of person that can't get things done. I'm lazy." And once you label yourself that, how can you ever change?

Worse, motivation or skills has very little to do with success! Top traders don't depend on motivation — which is fleeting and rare. They build systems, they hone their craft, and they systematically improve their mental psychology.

So whenever you hear yourself saying, "I'm not motivated or skilled enough," you've already lost.

As I learned this, I thought back to all the times I failed at something. And almost without fail, I said the same words to myself: "I guess I don't have what it takes"

So I dug deeper. How do top performers stop insulting themselves? How do they actually FOLLOW THROUGH on the goals they really want to achieve?

And that's when I entered the world of "working harder".
Isn't it weird that we equate "success" with hard work? We literally use words like "I'm swamped" or "If I just had more time…"

But close your eyes for a second. Imagine someone truly successful — someone world-class, at the top of their game, someone you admire. If you asked them, "What makes you successful?" how do you think they'd respond?

Would they say: "It's all about working hard!"


Yet WE chase hard work as if it — and it alone — will make us successful.


Because it's "easy" and we can just follow. Think about it!

We fall back on the "Two S" — Strategy and Screen Time. We start to feel guilty about not being able to do everything. So what do we do? We begin the doom cycle in search for the next "Holy Grail Of Trading Strategy": We search for new tools and strategies, jump to new trading courses, make money for a week…then we "yo-yo" back to where we were. And then we do it again!

If we were brutally honest with ourselves, we'd admit that hard work is important…but you could be the most hard-working person on earth…and that wouldn't guarantee you'd be the most profitable trader on earth.

There's got to be something else.

And as I dug deeper into the dangers of chasing working hard, I realised that was just one part of a bigger problem.

And I'd been guilty of it myself!

"The Holy Grail Of Trading Syndrome"

When I was still new to trading, I was guilty of looking at successful traders and saying, "Well, THEY have X (large capital base, fast computer, ivy league education, lots of research analysts under them, a famous blog). I don't have those things, so how can I be a profitable trader?"

I kept looking for a "Holy Grail Trading System" — one strategy that I THOUGHT would solve all my trading issues.

Seeking out such "panacea strategies" is VERY common. People who aren't satisfied with their trading results are constantly looking for the one, easy shortcut that will solve all their trading issues.

See if any of these examples ring a bell:

    -The freshly graduated college student looking for a new job who believes that what he really needs is some experience — as if having any experience will guarantee him the job of his dreams.

    -The guy who wants to loose belly fat and keeps jumping from one workout routine to another — as if just changing one workout routine with another will help him loose his belly fat.

    -The guy who spends COUNTLESS HOURS every week browsing the trading forums because he thinks that is where he will find the next "best" strategy.

We ALL do this or have done that! If you dig in, you'll notice what we're actually doing:

    1) We're going are trying to find the reason "outside of us". We're convinced success is about getting a better job…losing all belly fat…getting hired at a prop firm…following a successful trader...whatever. It's always about something we don't HAVE, as opposed to something we're not DOING.

    2) We're ignoring the painful truth. We KNOW people who have the things we want…and they're still not happy!

I have a friend who — from the outside — seems highly successful. He's well educated, makes tons of money trading, and has the physique of a Greek God…but is he happy? And for him, his "Holy Grail" is always his HOUSE: "I'm kinda over this house…I'm going to move to [NEW HOUSE]…I think that's what I need to do."

He never looks inside. He never once considers that it's not money, or the way he looks, or the house he lives in.

It's not the situation. It's not something outside of his scope.

It's him.

See, it's so much easier to blame the things around us instead of truly looking inside to acknowledge what's not working…and fix it.

Or in the words of Samual Beckett:
And so mediocre traders and students of the markets continue searching for their Holy Grail Trading Strategies, but never look inside of them…and nothing changes.

Wait for it- it gets even worse...

Here's the most twisted part of this whole process.

We KNOW we're doing it NOT RIGHT…but we CONTINUE DOING IT!

We know looking for reasons outside of us won't change our trading habits…but we continue doing it.

We know that obsessing over fine-tuning a trading entry, or exit and making a couple of more pips won't make a big difference…but we do it.

We know that saying, "I'm going to just test one more strategy" NEVER works! Yet we keep doing it.

I'll talk to a friend who's taken all of my trading courses and I will ask him how he is doing. (This is a a literally copy-and-paste approach to profitable trading.) The outcome?
It's easy to laugh, but I am sure we've ALL been in this situation. 


It's NOT about having more time.

It's NOT even about having a different trading strategy. (He literally had all of my trading materials right in front of his eyes…and he still hasn't done it.)

The worst part?

He had all the necessary trading materials he "thought" he needed…and he STILL couldn't do it! Ironically, now he feels worse. And what did he do? The worst thing of all: He labeled himself "lazy"…a label that will likely last a lifetime. 

Do you really want to call yourself lazy for the rest of your life?

Do you really want to "say" you're going to do something…but know, in the back of your head, that you're actually never going to do it?

What if you had the same "rulebook" that top performers did…so you could systematically change the way you think…for a lifetime?

Would then things be different?

THE BOTTOMLINE: The very best of traders think very differently than common traders

The very best of traders don't lean back on the same "mental crutches" that most traders use: They know hard-work is important, but it's just one small part of being consistently profitable trader. And they don't believe in Holy Grail Strategies.

They know trading success isn't just about a trading strategy or having a squawk box that can deliver news fast. If it was, everyone would be a successful trader! After all, the information is out there — free or for a small fee!

(So why haven't you done it already?)

Instead, they focus on the most "under-utilised" muscle of all: Their MENTAL MODELS.

These mental models are the "lenses" that they view the world through. 

The very best of traders realise that we work on improving our entries…our exits…but VERY few of us systematically work on improving our behaviours (mental models).

Why is that?

Think about it! We see an opportunity — maybe a dream car or a very well-paying job — and what's the first thing we say? "I could never get that…so I'm not even going to bother trying."

We see someone successful, someone we admire, and how do we react? "Well, HE had X advantage, and I don't have that, so I could never do that…"

That's it! 

Instead of figuring out how to cut that anchor loose, we search for one strategy after another!

What if we could rethink those automatic habits? What if we had a basket of new mental models to use…so when we are in a losing streak of the mind, we'd have access to the very same models that top traders use to overcome these negative emotions?

What I learned during the years is that top traders have an entirely different way of looking at risk, return, and consistence.

Take these common mistakes we've all made:

    1) Seeing a trade you think will do great…and watching it right pass in front of your eyes instead of taking action. ("I'll wait for a while…let me have another think first…ok, ok, I'm going to buy on the next dip…damn it, price is never coming back to the point I wanted to enter")

     2) Passing by yet another investment opportunity ("Why should I take part? I'm probably too late anyways")

     3) Letting bad trades to lead to even more bad trades, a.k.a. losing streak ("I feel guilty..shouldn't have taken the last trade. Shouldn't I at least try to break even?")

What I wanted to know was how the very best of traders seemed to shrug these situations off painlessly — and their P/L kept on growing and growing! The stuff that sidelined common traders seemed to "bounce" right off them.

And I didn't just want high-level, cliche suggestions…I wanted the real stuff from the trenches. The nitty-gritty thought process that top traders go through in a losing streak, not just when they were winning.

So I pushed back on these top traders' responses, every time going one step deeper. And I took their rules and tested them myself.

Soon, I was putting together my OWN trading rulebook. And this set of mental models has helped take me from a regular retail trader to a Prop trader in one of London's leading Prop Trading firms to an Amazon's best-selling author with an audience of over 70,000 traders on Twitter and twice as many on my newsletter. All while I've created the life I love to live:

Going from being terrified of FED announcement (this is when my first trading account went to negative) to trading head and shoulders with the biggest DAX trader in the UK. 

    1) Buying all the books in the world I craved for (not just the trading books)

    2) Being able to buy my friends a round of drinks — and never worrying about the money

    3) Taking as many days off as I needed throughout the year

    4) Having the freedom to travel wherever and whenever I want — including deciding on a Thursday that I want to fly across Europe on Friday morning and see my old high school friends
Let me break down how I accomplished this.

First, I started dealing with critics.

We all have them — people who constantly question our decisions. And they rarely come right out and say it directly.

No, they're craftier than that.

They use words like "worried" — "Atanas, I'm just worried about you" — and express concern. "I'm just concerned, you know? Is this really what you want to do?"

After a while, the doubt starts to gnaw and grind on you… and you start doubting yourself. I did!

So instead of letting the doubt hold me back, after studying these top traders, I devised dozens of strategies to deal with critics. I tested them all. And I found the exact ways to respond to different critics — whether they were close friends, family members, or random people on the internet.

Today, I get more critics than EVER, but they never affect me.

Then I moved on to staying focused — especially eliminating distractions.

The very best of traders know that productivity is one part of living a meaningful life… but instead of feeling guilty for YEARS for being unproductive, they build a system and move on with their lives. I was slowly adding more mental models to my toolbox from what I learned and tested every day.

And finally, I focused on SMART MONEY

To tell you the truth, at different points in my life, I have been using those levels without even realising their importance.

Yet over time, I learned how to systematically deconstruct each and every one of these and make this part of the way I see the markets.

And now I want to help you do the same.

After I identified hundreds of trading rules, guidelines, and mental frameworks, I tested each one exhaustively. I invented my own and tested them, too.

Slowly, painstakingly, I culled the list down into a short list of essential mental frameworks.

I call these "Smart Money" or "Smart Levels" because the concepts are so powerful, so striking, that once you hear them, they trigger a change in the entire way you approach trading…for LIFE.

That mental model will stay with me for life. It is so powerful that over time it became famous and now when someone is looking for Smart Money Trading or Big Money Trading (as it became famous lately), my article comes up on the first page of Google.
If I hadn't put in all the hard work to master trading with Smart Levels, where would I be today? I can guarantee you I wouldn't be as successful as I've been fortunate enough to become.

And that's just ONE element, but what a powerful addition to every trader's toolkit.

I'd like to share 30 of them with you.
See, we know that tactics are worthless without the underlying foundations of a strong mental game. For example, you know about some of my students who have the EXACT, word-for-word scripts to find a job or start a small business. Yet they can't do it!

Th very best of traders know that ultimately, as you become more successful, strategies are a commodity — everyone knows them! What separates the truly successful traders is having mental strength.

The fortitude to persist when times get tough.

The knowledge to know you can do something…and the ability to summon self-confidence, even when you don't feel confident inside.

And the conviction to say YES when it matters — and NO when something isn't right for you.

Over time, these smart levels become "burned" into unconscious actions. They become your instinctual responses, giving you an instant playbook for success.

And here is the way I see trading with those levels:

Introducing Smart Money: Trading With The Big Market Players

In this trading course, I have tried to speak in laymen’s terms so that even a beginner can understand me. I am so certain that my course will benefit you that if it doesn't change the way you see how big traders are seeing the markets, you will have 14 DAYS to ask for your money back.

This course includes:

 The Smart Money Trading system to help you identify the “smart levels” that other big players in the market like banks and hedge funds are seeing.

 14 educational videos filled with some of my most powerful ways to use Smart Money to your advantage 

 Real examples and applied material so you can seamlessly integrate these in your trading TODAY

 Access to Smart Money FOR LIFE, so that you can achieve mastery with each framework. Revisit frameworks you need to improve on at any point. Plus, life gets in the way — you had already planned a vacation, or the birth of your firstborn — so we want to give you every chance to succeed

Smart Money trading represent some of the most powerful "pivotal levels" material that I've ever developed.

Tactics help. Systems scale. But ultimately, improving your pivotal levels could mean everything in trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is the course for beginner or advanced traders?
Both. I am explaining all the basic concepts in this course. Gradually I am moving towards more complex concepts and finally I am sharing live trades applying “smart money” techniques.
Q2) Are there any other costs- hidden or recurring?
NONE! There are absolutely no extra costs or recurring charges.
Q3) How much time I need?
Although I would like to have a direct answer to this question, I don’t. It is different from one student to another. It also depends on how much time you are willing to put in studying. The good news is that even if you are a total beginner you will not struggle. In fact, a lot of my students have a regular job and they trade in their free time.
Q4) How can I get a refund if I bought the professional trading course?
You simply e-mail and I’ll refund you back if the claim is made within 14 days since purchase.

This Essential Smart Money Course Is NOT For You If: 

 You can't commit at least 60 minutes a week to practice what you've learnt
 You're looking for a Holy Grail approach to trading that will solve all of your trading issues at once
 You're looking to read the material but not implement it. Please don't even get started in this case

This Essential Smart Money Course IS For You If: 

 You're focused on the long term — and you understand there will always be ups-and-downs, but that you can make HUGE improvement if implementing Smart Money trading in your market analysis
 You're open to admitting that the way you've traded in the past may need to change if you want to achieve your trading goals
 You want to stop blindly trying the latest "strategies" that certain self-proclaimed gurus are advertising through flashy cars and luxurious lifestyle
 You feel like you've gotten as far in trading as you can on your own and are ready for an extra push to take you the rest of the way to reach new heights in your trading knowledge

Here is My Famous 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the entire Smart Money course. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself.

If the Smart Money course doesn't help improve your life in 14 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the work, and I'll give you all your money back. 

No questions asked.

This guarantee lasts 14 days, which completely covers the course. 

That means you can try the ENTIRE course THEN decide if it's right for you.


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